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Diesel Engine Oils

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40
Burgan Ultra Diesel CH-4 SAE 15W-40
Burgan Super Diesel CG-4
Burgan Diesel Heavy Duty S-3
Burgan Diesel SHPD Super
Burgan Diesel Special
Burgan Heavy Duty KAT 2030 and KAT 2040

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40


Universal mixed fleet engine lubricant


Majority of commercial vehicles, off-highway equipment, delivery vans and passenger cars powered by diesel or gasoline engines with or without turbo chargers operating under moderate to severe conditions. It can also be used in selected transmissions. Specially suitable for Caterpillar diesel engines.


● API CF-4, CF/ SG ● ACEA A2/B2/E2 ● MIL-L-2104E; MIL-L-46152E ● MB228.1, 229.1 ● MAN 271 ● Mack EO-K2 ● MTU Type 1 ● VW505.00, 501.01 ● Volvo VDS ● Scania, Renault Vl, Ford, GM, DAF, IVECO ● Caterpillar TO-4 (transmissions) ● Allison C-4 (automatic transmissions)