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Diesel Engine Oils

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40
Burgan Ultra Diesel CH-4 SAE 15W-40
Burgan Super Diesel CG-4
Burgan Diesel Heavy Duty S-3
Burgan Diesel SHPD Super
Burgan Diesel Special
Burgan Heavy Duty KAT 2030 and KAT 2040

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40


Modern fuel saving, synthetic based high performance year round diesel engine lubricant for low emission Euro 4 engines and Euro 3 engines.


● In all high performance four stroke diesel engines in on-or-off-road application with or without turbocharging and intercooling, operating under severe conditions and having extended oil drain intervals.

● Also suitable for passenger car gasoline engines and the smaller direct injection diesel engines.