Operations :

Oil Filling Lines:

KNLOC has most modern filling lines developed and manufactured by OCME a Group of major international Italian specialists.

    • These lines operate automatically.

    • They were commissioned in June 2003.

    • Cans and drums are weighed after filling. Those weighing less are isolated.

    • The whole system has a communication device link with the manufacturer (OCME) to take care of operational problems and unforeseen emergencies relating to the lines or programs.

Other Major Facilities:

KNLOC lube oil blending plant comprises the following important units:

Base Oil Storage unit

The Base Oil storage unit is consisted of 12 tanks of total 18,500 metric tons , these tanks are designed to keep the temperature and also to keep the base oil in a good condition.

Manufacturing unit for automotive and industrial oils

This is the most vital utility of the lube oil blending plant , this utility is fully automated each type of lubricants has its own production mixing utility , in addition to the trained staff that are running the work in that section , the most important thing in this process is the safety and accuracy of work

Manufacturing unit for Turbine oils

This utility is fully automated , a very experienced and qualified staff is working with this utility it has its own section , KNLOC makes sure that all the staff is fully updated , especially the staff that works with the turbine mixing utility


KNLOC has a very large warehouse for storing the stock , of total capacity 25,000 carton and 12,000 drums . Procedures of safety and utilities of safety are available in that section to prevent any near miss or any accident could happen , in addition to a well skilled and experienced staff that’s been trained at high levels to take keep and store and secure the warehouse .


KNLOC laboratory is one of the important sections at the lube oil blending plant . Its made to improve to be aware of the threats that might face Burgan products . Laboratory is frequently maintained and checked from the ministry of defense , air for section and that’s to show how important and accurate the results can be