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Diesel Engine Oils

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40
Burgan Ultra Diesel CH-4 SAE 15W-40
Burgan Super Diesel CG-4
Burgan Diesel Heavy Duty S-3
Burgan Diesel SHPD Super
Burgan Diesel Special
Burgan Heavy Duty KAT 2030 and KAT 2040

Burgan Diesel Synthetic Oil SAE 10W-40


Universal engine and transmission lubricant


In all high performance four stroke gasoline and diesel engines, normally aspirated as well as turbo-charged or supercharged and operating under moderate to heavy duty conditions where normal or moderately extended oil drain intervals are applied


● API CF/SF, CD ● MIL-L-46152C, MIL-L-2104C ● CCMC G2, PD1, D2 ● MAN 270 (diesel engines, normal drain) ● MB page 227.0 (diesel engines, normal drain) ● Allison C-3 (autom. Transm.) Caterpillar TO-2 (transm.) ● Clark, Dana Spicer, Eaton, Fuller transmissions ● Voith (retarder) ● ZF TE-ML 02, ML 03, ML 04, ML 06, ML 10