KNLOC as one of the pioneer and leading firms in lubricants production, sales and marketing in Kuwait substituted Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) in operating the Lube Oil Blending Plant which was producing the Lube oil products known as Kuwait Oil.

KNPC was established in 1960 and was the first company in Kuwait to deal with all oil field industries including marketing of refined crude oil products. KNPC operates three refineries - Mina Abdullah Refinery, Shuaiba Refinery and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery. The Mina Al-Ahmadi has two plants - the Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and the Bitumen Plant in addition to the refining units for producing petroleum products.

This is the remarkable legacy that Kuwait National Lube Oil Manufacturing Company (KNLOC) has inherited through the purchase of KNPC Lube Oil Blending Plant on 10th of November-2004. Since that date, the company is known as KNLOC and all the range of lubricants are now branded as Burgan Oil, and endeavours tirelessly to preserve. Though KNLOC products are national products of proven competence but remain much more superior in quality than other engine oils available in the regional market including international brands.

The Lube Oil blending plant had been commissioned on February 25th, 1978 with a design capacity of 33,000 metric tons per shift per year. It produces more than 60 different types of lubricating Oil. Turbine Oil products were commenced in early 1983 at a production capacity of 5,000 metric tones per shift per year. KNLOC not only operates its own blending plant, research and quality control laboratories but also has a specialized technical department with supervision from KPRT (Kuwait Petroleum Research and Technology) located in Netherlands where all problems of lubrication can be studied on a practical basis as well as chemical and physical methods of research.

KNLOC is engaged in continuous contact with this laboratory for the development of improved specifications and chemical additives that are decisive factor in enhancing the quality of lubricants. KNLOC is very particular in oil productions to strictly conform to international specifications. Burgan oil is blended from high quality base oils and a selected variety of additives to impart excellent lubricating properties under the most arduous condition. It had always strived to make its lube products more superior in quality than those available in the local market. The following remarkable achievements crowned their tireless efforts at maintaining high quality :

- Kuwait Ministry of Commerce & Industry granted permission to KNPC to use quality marks.

- KNPC was awarded International quality certificate - ISO 9001-2000 for Kuwait Oil Production and Marketing.

KNLOC supplies Burgan Oil products through several fuel stations located all over the State. We have also contract with both local and foreign distributors for marketing our products. We meet the complete needs of all Kuwaiti sectors like State corporations, Government agencies, construction, Industrial and transport companies. This book will give a detailed technical description for the meaning of Lubricating Oils, the role of additives in improving the Base Oil performance and all Burgan Oil Lubricants produced locally at Shuaiba Lube Oil Blending Plant.