KNLOC Awarded KNPC Tender

KNLOC had always strived to make its lube oil products and turbine oil products most superior in quality through its Research & Development Association with KPRT (Kuwait Petroleum Research & Development) Netherland.

Lubricants is a key part of KNPC’s product line and much loved talking point for everyone across industry. The world turns to KNPC in huge numbers for regular supply of Oil and services since it came into being 1960. KNPC was the first national company to deal with all oil field industries – KNPC has been running his operations through its three local based refineries Mina-Abdulla Refinery, Shuaiba Refinery and Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery. Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery has two plants – the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and the Bitumen plant in addition to the refining units for producing petroleum products.

By following KNLOC’s remarkable achievements history on different platforms, KNLOC has proudly announcing once again that KNPC has appointed KNLOC to supply its Lubricant products following a competitive tender. The new Contract means that KNLOC will continue to provide lube oil products and its services to KNPC. This includes wide range of lube products to meet requirements, Turbine oil products of different grades and complete range of technical support services.

Following through a bid process and rigorous evaluation, KNPC has selected the organizations it felt could best deliver the required products, services and offered the best value for money.

KNLOC has demonstrated its ability and commitment to deliver high quality services and products – through accuracy, consistency of specifications to maintain high quality and flexibility.

KNLOC has been working with KNPC to cater its lubricant needs and requirements on full scale for many years. This new contact will run for a period of four years till 2014.

KNLOC is proudly taking this contract as an addition of one more jewel in its achievement crown.

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