Our Sources :

KNLOC major sources of base oil and technical support is provided from two major petroleum companies world wide . This companies are KPIL (Kuwait Petroleum International) “provides base oil” And KPR&T (Kuwait Petroleum Research And Technology “provides Technical Services And Chemical Additives”


Located in a region that contains 75% of the world's oil reserves, Kuwait may be small in size but it has great petroleum wealth. With an estimated 190 years of reserves at current levels of consumption, the state is one of the long-term majors in international oil production. Kuwait's first experimental oil wells were drilled in the 1930's by Kuwait Oil Company, a joint venture between the Gulf Oil Company of the US and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (later to become British Petroleum). Their first success was the Burgan-1 well, which came on stream in 1938. Today, the extended Burgan complex is the second largest developed oilfield in the world. During the 1960's and 70's, Kuwait renegotiated control of its oil and natural gas resources from its foreign concessionaires and production was brought under State management to conserve wealth for future generations.